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Ghostly Glow


                   To Business Owners &

           Visitors from across the Globe

 Many Businesses

in the Fort Worth Stockyards

do not Partake in the Science of Ghosts

nor do They Advertise or Bring Attention

to any Paranormal Activity that May be going on at their Building from Time to Time 

as it might Discourage Others

from Traveling and Spending an Amazing Opportunity.... Experiencing Firsthand

all that the Fort Worth Stockyards

has to offer.

Besides...Truth be Known....

If You Come just for the Ghosts

 You might be Disappointed.

Take it from Someone Who Lived in a Haunted Location for 6 yrs.

Ghosts Show Up When They Want to, in their Own Way, in Thier Own Time

Half The Time You Would Be Too Busy to Notice Anyways!

It is Not My intention to cause Harm to any Business Operating in The FW Stockyards

I just Play a Small Part in My Portion of the Thread of Fabric that Ties it all Together.

  The History I Researched at The Downtown FW Library in 2010, May or May Not Be Accurate as a lot of History was not Recorded.

  Some Of the Stories I Tell are from Personal Experience from 2010-2017, And Some Stories Were Told to Me by Staff Who May No Longer Work for You as of 2023.

  While Other Stories Trickled in through Time.

  I Try to Seek Permission as Much as I Can from Business Owners as I Talk About the Buildings on My Tour, If I am Not Able to Do So, Then I Try To be Sensitive and Thoughtful About the Info. That I Provide, and Who I Provide It To.



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