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Ghostbuster Locksmith


June 24, 2014 by admin Filed under Dallas Fort Worth Area, Emergency Locksmith Blog

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What better way to explore Fort Worth, Texas than by going on the Dead End Ghost Tour? This evening ghost tour is full of chills and thrills, as you explore the Stone House Hotel and historic stockyards. If you are looking for a bone-chilling history tour with a dark twist, then the Dead End Ghost Tour is just right for you.

The Stone House Hotel has substantial claim in Fort Worth, Texas history. When the Stone House was built in 1935, it was originally a boarding house until the home was purchased by new owners and turned into a Bed and Breakfast. The owners of the Stone House Hotel have had several strange occurrences that have led to a paranormal investigation. During one paranormal investigation, there were documented reports of audio communication between paranormal investigators and the ghost of a young boy.

After spending a spooky evening at The Dead End Tour in Fort Worth, Texas, it would be terrifying to find that you have lost your car keys somewhere along the tour. After all, I do not think the ghosts will easily hand them back over; your best bet may be to call a locksmith. Pro Local Locksmith offers 24-hour emergency locksmith services in the Fort Worth, Texas area that can have you back in your vehicle in no time. In fact, this professional team of locksmiths are so efficient, that in most cases their response time for emergency locksmith services is within thirty minutes or less.

If you lost your car keys on The Dead End Ghost Tour, or during any time that you are in the Fort Worth, Texas area, rest assured our professional locksmith team can have you back in your vehicle in no time. Call us today at 817- 339-6713 for emergency locksmith services.

Note: Our Texas DPS License Number is B17362. We service all of Houston, Dallas, and Fort Worth, Texas.

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