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Very Little Is Known About Cadillac Cantina Bar Itself

The Building

Constructed in 1908, the three-story brick building is located on the corner of West Exchange and Ellis Avenues. The ground floor housed a furniture store with a hotel and boarding house on the upper levels.

Later, it became a

Masonic Fraternal Lodge.

The side of the building bore the remnants of a long-forgotten cigar advertisement with a

Two Story Owl Painting

 keeping watch over the street.

In 1982, the ground floor was converted into a bar. Decorated with historic photos, posters, and longhorn heads, Cantina Cadillac became a popular hangout in the district. It even rated a mention in Casey Donahew’s “Stockyards” song.

Cadillac Hotel

Right Above Cadillac Bar

I Wanted To Name This Hotel

"West Exchange Hotel"

Had A Nice Ring To It

I Managed This Hotel Part Time

And I Have Witnessed And Experienced

Some Pretty Bizarre Stuff

This Hotel Had Roughly 10 Rooms

2 Bathrooms

And 1 Amazing Parlor!

Cadillac Hotel

Cadillac Cantina Bar

Destroyed By Fire?

Aug 5 2023

Prices, Times, Dates, Vary
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