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Dead End Ghost Tours

East Exchange St.

Mosey On Over, And WALK With Me For A Spell, As I Wail Away About The History Of The Stockyards...


Pull Out Your Irons, And Shoot Pictures, On This Outside, Interactive. Historical/Ghost Tour On The

E. End of Exchange St.


Hear About A Cemetery That's Two Whoops And A Holler From Here Where A Couple Of Big Names

Are Hanging Out!


We Will Unearth Some Of The Not So buried Secrets About The Stockyard's Checkered Past.

We'll Cut Us A Path Through The Back Alley Way For A Sharp Shooter View, Hear Tales Of People Who

Bit The Dust

And Became Buzzard Food.


Yeah We Will Get A Little Skeered, And Act Like A Ninny, People May Think We Have A Screw Loose, But We Will Enjoy The Ride! What Ya Waiting Fir, Get A Wiggle On, And We'll Have Us A Hog-Killing Time!


Take a Trip Through Time with  me, Debbie, Your Tour Guide,  As we Hit the Bricks on this Interactive/Historical Ghost Tour 

I Bring My I-Pad and Read You a Brief History of Each Building Location, Some Buildings Include More Than Just History, Some Buildings Include Ghost Stories, While Other Buildings May Include Pictures of Ghosts Captured on Camera!
The Stories on This Tour Include: 

#1 A Secret

#2 Masonic Lodge Blow Out 
#3The Maverick Building

Has Been Everything Under the Sun

But It Still Remains the Maverick!

#4 The White Elephant Saloon

 A Famous Shoot Out

Between Sherriff and Outlaw
#5   The Bullring and Ginger Rogers
#6    Ricky's Steakhouse and Mountain Oysters
#7   Sauder's Park and The Blood River

#8 Stock Show N Rodeo

# 9 Flinchers White Front Western Wear AKA First National Bank 
#10 Stockyards Hotel with 
all its Splendor
#11 Cattleman's Steakhouse

The Downstairs Basement Ghost

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